How To Counter The Bracken in Lethal Company

Lethal Company players have plenty of challenges to navigate while playing, but taking down The Bracken is no easy feat.

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The Bracken is one of the toughest enemies to face in Lethal Company. With the stealth to sneak behind you and no immediate counters that can end a game instantly, learning your way around Bracken is an important step towards getting good.

The good news about Bracken is that you can only encounter one of them per moon. They are relatively rare monsters that can be controlled to a certain degree if you understand how they operate and what triggers attacks. In this quick guide, we’ll get into what makes Bracken tick, how you can keep one under control, and what to do when a Bracken decides to follow you and your party.

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How To Easily Deal With Bracken in Lethal Company

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Bracken is a monster in Lethal Company that’s most commonly found on moons like Vow and March. You can identify a Bracken’s presence by the unique crunching/chirping sound that it makes when it appears behind a player. Bracken does not teleport, as some may believe, but does walk a path throughout the facility you are exploring. It can jump gaps, follow you around, and move just like a normal player within the confines of the facility.

If you see a Bracken, here are a few things to remember:

  • Be brief: You only need to look at the Bracken for a moment before he starts to back away. If you look at it for too long, it will attack you.
  • Do not attack: One of the worst mistakes you can make when encountering a Bracken is to attack it on sight in hopes of killing it. Doing this, especially when alone, is ill-advised, as a provoked Bracken will not stop killing until everyone within sight is dead.
  • Do not approach: If you corner or walk towards a Bracken, it will be provoked to attack and could lead to a party wipe. When you see a Bracken, it’s best to give it a quick glance and quickly walk to your next destination, turning around every so often to make sure it’s not too close to your neck.
  • Keep moving: One of the ways Bracken can be encouraged to kill a player is if they stop moving for too long. Moving is a splendid deterrent for getting on the Bracken’s bad side, just as long as you periodically check behind you.
  • Watch the clock: A Bracken that hunts for too long will grow impatient with you. Turning around may be able to stop it temporarily, but you can’t stall a Bracken forever. Make your time in the Facility as brief as you can when a Bracken shows up, or you might end up being a victim.
  • Don’t walk backward: One way to ensure that fire becomes Bracken’s next collected item is by walking backward into one. If you think a Bracken is behind you, check. If you think a Bracken may be stalking you, never walk backward, even if you just scared it off.

How To Retrieve Bodies From Bracken

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If you or an unfortunate Lethal Company party member of yours gets taken by the Bracken, the creature will drag the body to a specific room, one that contains carpet and wooden walls like an office. This office appears at a random place in the facility but can spawn near the entrance just as likely as any other place in the building. If you locate the room within the facility, then that gives you fair warning that a Bracken awaits you and your coworkers somewhere.

If you happen to lose a party member along the way and don’t want a fine from the Company, the best way to get your departed back is by teleporting them from the facility to the ship. However, if you’re just starting the game and are short on funds, chasing down the Bracken is your only other option.

How To Kill Bracken

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For a good spell in Lethal Company history, players believed that the Bracken was immortal, unable to be killed no matter how many times you wack it with a shovel. However, Bracken is plenty killable, depending on what resources you have for taking one out. Below are a few methods you can employ with friends to try and get a Bracken off your back:

  • Most solutions involve a shotgun: If the first shot doesn’t work, the second one will. You can bait a Bracken using the sides of your screen or a hallway where it can’t maneuver or back away quickly.
  • Zap Gun (for when a real one is not available): The budget version of taking out a Bracken involves a Zap Gun and a Shovel. Zap Guns can’t kill creatures, but a Shovel and a brave friend can. A Bracken can take four hits before it turns to dust, so keep that in mind when you temporarily immobilize it with a Zap Gun.
  • Sacrifice for the Company: If you aren’t running a solo game, another way you can take out the Bracken is by making a noble sacrifice for the Company. Simply step on a landmine as the Bracken chases after you. Anything caught in the blast will not survive.