How To Get To The Mansion In Lethal Company

It may be cozier, but Mansions are just as dangerous as Facilities in Lethal Company.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Screenshot by Gamepur

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The Mansion is a more environmentally friendly area to explore in Lethal Company. We didn’t say it was any less dangerous of course, but more comfortable without pitfalls, steam leaks, or locked doors to get in your way as you and your friends explore.

Mansions are rare to spawn in Lethal Company, no matter where you are. While they may be primarily found on moons that cost money to land on, you also have a slight chance of finding a Mansion interior on any moon. Mansions come with their own set of risks, with new monsters to face but ample loot to collect. In this brief guide, we’ll go over how to get to the Mansion in Lethal Company as quickly as possible.

How To Find Mansions in Lethal Company

Map via Lethal Company Wiki

Mansions are elusive structures that you can typically only reach by going to moons such as Rend or Dine. To get to places like Rend or Dine, you’ll need to make substantial scrap cash elsewhere, on moons like Vow or Experimentation where loot is less covered in monsters. Rend and Dine both have Mansions as their interiors by default, with only a small percentage of a chance to have the Facility/Industrial Complex as the interior when you step inside.

While this may sound like your only way towards rolling in the money through a Mansion loot haul is by already having money, there is another way you can get into the Mansion without having to pay for passage to Rend or Dine. On almost every other moon, there is a tiny percentage that the entrance contains not the Facility seed as it should, but the seed for the Mansion interior. The likelihood for each moon to spawn a Mansion instead of a Facility is as follows:

  • Experimentation: 0.332% Mansion Chance
  • Assurance: 0.99% Mansion Chance
  • Vow: 0.99% Mansion Chance
  • Offense: 1.32% Mansion Chance
  • March: 0% Mansion Chance
  • Rend: 1.64% Mansion Chance
  • Dine: 2.28% Facility Chance
  • Titan: 18.7% Mansion Chance

There’s no way to increase your Mansion spawn chances from one place to another. The most reliable way to get into a Mansion is to go to the proper moon where they always spawn, such as Rend or Dine. Otherwise, you’ll have to pray you’re lucky in a game where luck is a scarce resource.

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What’s Inside The Mansion in Lethal Company?

Screenshot by Gamepur

Mansions are spawn zones for plenty of exclusive items and monsters you never see in Facilities on moons like Experimentation or Assurance. While the Facility contains server rooms, apparatus rooms and catwalks, the Mansion contains none of these. It’s a convenient setup to have when trying to uncover and recover loot since the Facility has arguably more non-monster obstacles than the Mansion does.

Concerning monsters that spawn inside a Mansion, there’s a higher chance you’ll see creatures like the Bracken, Nutcracker, Ghost Girl, Jester, or Coil Heads while inside. Instead of industrial-looking layouts, you’ll have rooms like libraries, spiral staircases, kitchens, and other such places that are commonly found in a house rather than in an industrial complex. Because the Mansion is meant to be lived in, you won’t find inconveniences like pits to fall into, steam valves to shut off, or doors that are locked that require a key or ship access to open.