How to craft a crystal battleaxe in Valheim

A crystal weapon for your Viking armory.

Valheim Hearth and Home

Image via Iron Gate

The weaponry you craft in Valheim is critical to taking many of the tougher foes you’re going to find in your world. Plus, many of the weapons you can make are incredibly beautiful, and they go well with several of the armor sets you can make, making your character look like a powerful Viking. A notable weapon you’re going to want to make is the crystal battleaxe, but you’re going to need a certain resource to make it.

You’re going to need to battle against the fearsome golems that you can find in the Mountains biomes. These massive rock golems are powerful and tough to defeat, but if you and your companions can beat them, they’re going to drop these blue crystals, a critical resource for your crystal battleaxe. These are all of the ingredients you need to make one of these powerful weapons.

  • 40 Ancient Bark
  • 30 Silver Ingots
  • 10 Crystals

Since we already know where to find the crystals, we’re good on that resource. You need to destroy the Ancient trees you can find in the Swamp biome for the Ancient Bark. You’re going to need a bronze axe to chop those down.

After that, you’re going to need Silver Ingots. You can find those in the Mountains biome. You can find this resource using the Wishbone you loot off Bonemass, the game’s third boss, and locate it underground.

Once you have all of those ingredients, you’re going to need to craft a level three Forge to create the crystal battleaxe. Here are the weapon’s stats so that you can compare them to your other weapons.

  • Duarbility: 200
  • Slash: 90 (26 to 56)
  • Spirit: 30 (10 to 19)
  • Use stamina: 24
  • Block armor: 40
  • Block force: 70
  • Parry bonus: 2x
  • Knockback: 70
  • Backstab: 3x