How to craft and use the beehive in Spiritfarer

Get yourself a smackerel of honey.

Image via Thunder Lotus Games

Although it focuses on the tricky subject of death, Spiritfarer is a surprisingly warm and cozy experience with a relaxing gameplay loop centered on crafting. One of the best things about the game is the hefty updates it’s received since release. These updates have added new characters, recipes, quests, islands, and more. The third and final update for Spiritfarer — titled Jackie & Daria — introduced the two new eponymous spirits along with a host of other additions.

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Among the new content in the Jackie & Daria update is a beehive that can be added to the player’s boat, which allows for the harvesting of honey. Honey is a useful ingredient that’s used in a wide variety of recipes, making the beehive very beneficial. Unlocking the beehive is a simple process, though it will require some patience.

The beehive in Spiritfarer is an upgrade for the boat’s field. In order to unlock the crafting blueprint for the beehive, players will need to progress through Jackie’s storyline until reaching the quest titled “Feelin’ the Buzz.” This quest tasks players with building a beehive for Jackie and will give the new blueprint required for its construction. In order to craft the upgrade, players will need the following materials:

  • 12 Pine planks
  • 6 XP potions
  • 4 Gold Ingots
  • 4000 Glim