How to craft steel ingots in New World

A highly sought after resource.

Image via Amazon Game Studios

Steel ingots are the next stage above iron in New World, and they’re what you’re going to want to begin crafting once you feel comfortable and want to progress to creating tier-three tools. Unfortunately, unlike iron ingots, you cannot find steel in New World. Instead, you have to focus on crafting steel ingots yourself and using the crafting equipment you have in town. This guide details what you need to do to craft steel ingots in New World, giving you access to better equipment and improving your resource gathering skills.

There are three resources you’ll need to gather up to begin crafting steel ingots. Here’s everything you need.

  • 3 Iron ingots
  • 1 Flux (Sand Flux, Shelldust Flux, or Obsidan Flux)
  • 2 Charcoal

The iron ingots are pretty easy to obtain. You’ll need to hunt down iron resources in your region and harvest those using a pickax. There’s no required level for this, so it should be available to every player in New World. The better a pickax tool you use, the quicker it goes. You’ll have to bring it back to a settlement to turn into ingots.

Charcoal is probably the easiest to obtain of the three. All you have to do is cut down young or mature trees for their wood, bring it to a smelter, and turn it into charcoal. You can find many of them in New World, which are right outside of a settlement.

Flux is probably the most challenging ingredient portion when crafting steel ingots. You can only acquire these by looting supply containers, such as the caches of chests. You can find them at the many landmarks in the starting area, such as Bradbury Fields in Everfall or Buccaneer Creek in Windsward. They’re all over the place, but they might not contain flux inside them.

Once you have those ingredients, you can visit a smelter at any settlement and combine them into steel ingots to improve your equipment or sell to eager players.