How to create custom events in Riders Republic

Impress the Riders Republic community with your own events.

Image via Ubisoft

Riders Republic has a huge focus on community. It’s such an important part of the game that players genuinely can’t have the full Riders Republic experience offline. Aside from multiplayer events like Mass Races or Tricks Battles, players can find each other roaming the map, group up with each other, and even share their personal photos. One of the biggest ways players can interact with the community, however, is through custom events.

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You can create an event in real-time by using the Tools Wheel, which is mapped to the left D-Pad button on consoles. So long as you ride for more than 30 seconds but less than three minutes continuously (no stopping, falling, or starting an activity), you’ll leave behind a trail. Select the Creative Mode option in the Tools Wheel once you’ve met the criteria.

After doing so, you’ll be presented with a dotted representation of the trail you just made over the game’s map. If you find that you overshot what would have been a great finish line, you can actually go through previous points in your trail and cut the race off there. As you backtrack along your trail, you’ll notice that certain points can instead be assigned as checkpoints for your race.

Screenshot by Gamepur

To browse custom events, you’ll first need to visit the Creation Center at the game’s main hub, Riders Ridge. Rotate the camera just a smidge in Riders Ridge and you’ll see where the Creation Center is. Trust us — you literally cannot miss it. Alternatively, you can tab over to Creations in the main menu, but where’s the fun in that?

Screenshot by Gamepur