How to get more Stars quickly in Riders Republic

Tips to speed up your rider’s progression.

Image via Ubisoft

Stars are one of the most important mechanics in Riders Republic. Each Star that you earn goes towards a progression meter for your rider. A set number of Stars gates each progression milestone, and reaching a milestone can unlock everything from new events to new sports. It’s important to collect as many stars as possible to experience all that Riders Republic has to offer. Earning Stars is simple, but you can streamline the process to unlock content faster with these tips.

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Events and Secondary Objectives

The easiest way to gain Stars in Riders Republic is to just complete events. Finishing an event will reward you with one Star, though considering the final progression milestone requires 7000 Stars, simply doing events isn’t an efficient method. However, each event comes with its own list of secondary objectives to complete.

Secondary Objectives will vary between events, like winning on expert difficulty, finishing within a certain time limit, or landing specific tricks. Some of the Secondary Objectives will reward you with an additional star, but more challenging ones will reward you with more. You can see the list of Secondary Objectives for each event before starting it.

Exploration Activities

Racing and competing in trick competitions aren’t the only things you’ll be doing in Riders Republic. The game offers a huge open world to explore. When you pull up your map, you’ll see icons for Exploration Activities (you can also filter the map to only show these icons). Finding landmarks, relics, and stunts will reward you with additional Stars.

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The best way to earn Stars is by making use of multiplayer. Completing Tricks Battle or Free for All matches will net you Stars, but Mass Races are the quickest way to grind Stars. Mass Races are limited-time events that show up in the world at set intervals and will pit you and over 60 other players in multiple round races. Every round you complete will give you Stars, and you’ll also get Stars for completing the Mass Race until the very end. Your performance in a Mass Race will also give you Stars.