How to create Dark Silver Ingots in V Rising

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Crafting in V Rising is the key to advancing your vampire’s power, especially during late-game content. As your vampire rises in power, you’ll need to find more rare materials to upgrade your gear. The game is balanced with the assumption that you’ll have high-tier armor and weapons before taking on the more powerful creatures of the night. One of the materials you’ll need to get your undead hands-on is Dark Silver Ingots.

How to craft Dark Silver Ingots in V Rising

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If you’re having trouble finding Dark Silver Ingots, you’ll first need to find out how to craft them. The only way to get the crafting recipe for this high-level material is to find and defeat Octavian the Militia Captain. They are a Level 56 boss located in the Dunley Farmlands region of Vardoran. Head to the Bastion of Dunley in the north of the area and search for him.

What is the recipe to craft Dark Silver Ingots

When defeated, Octavian will drop several important items, including the recipe for making Dark Silver Ingots. You’ll need to bake 20 Silver Ore and a Scourgestone in your furnace to make a single Dark Silver Ingot. Most of the items that you can craft out of this material require more than a dozen Dark Silver Ingots, so you’ll need plenty of Silver Ore and Scourgestone to make use of them.

You’ll need hundreds of pieces of Silver Ore if you want to get the full Dark Silver weapon and armor sets. Your best bet to collect enough is to head to Sacred Silver Mine in the Silverlight Hills. There are some tough enemies to be found here, but that is the price you pay for getting the next tier of gear in the game.

You’ll also need Scourgestone, which can be found in the Dunley Farmlands. Visit the Church of the Damned and break open the objects and containers located within. Alternatively, you can begin crafting your own Scourgestone by getting the recipe after defeating Leandra the Shadow Priestess at the top of the Church of the Damned.