How to cure Bloodblight in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

A devastating effect that you will have to contend with in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

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Bloodblight in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is a status effect featured in the Sunbreak expansion that will crop up while you are fighting against Malzeno, the flagship monster in the story. It’s an effect that will give you negative and positive bonuses while in combat, and how you manage those will vary on your playstyle. In this guide, we’re going to cover how to cure Bloodblight In Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

Can you cure Bloodblight?

From what we can tell, Bloodblight is not an effect you can remove while fighting Malzeno. It will consistently drain your health during the fight, fueling the Malzeno. It will transform if it can drain enough of you and your companion’s health. It has two transformations, the final form being the most difficult to battle.

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Although you won’t be able to remove Bloodblight while battling this creature until it goes away, you can attempt to mitigate its health drain. You can do this by consistently hitting Malzeno while fighting it, as the bonus effect of Bloodblight gives you a lifesteal whenever you hit another monster. The way to balance the adverse effects of Bloodblight is to remain aggressive during the encounter, attempting to regain as much health as possible while fighting this monster. You also want to try avoiding its attacks, as Malzeno will continue applying Bloodblight to you each time it lands a strike.

If you’re worried about your health, the best way to get it back is to hit Malzeno. Unfortunately, healing with any health potions almost never does a decent amount as Bloodblight also lowers the total you receive from these effects.

You will be playing cat and mouse with Malzeno while Bloodblight is on your character. You’ll want to pay attention to the monster’s move set, avoiding its attacks to ensure you don’t take too many stacks of Bloodblight. The fight will become increasingly difficult as Malzeno continues applying Bloodblight to you and your companions.