How to cure Frenzy in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Calm down.

Gore Magala Frenzy Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

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The infamous wyvern-like beast Gore Magala is back in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, and with it we once again get the pesky Frenzy debuff. This iconic monster and its associated status ailment have plagued players since Monster Hunter 4, and they have major story implications for the franchise’s overarching narrative. However, you’re not here for the lore. You’re here to learn how to cure or otherwise deal with Frenzy in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, and this guide will tell you exactly that.

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What is Frenzy in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

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Frenzy is rooted in the story of the recent Monster Hunter games, with Rise and the Sunbreak expansion building upon what this mysterious disease means for the game’s world. The Frenzy virus is an airborne and highly infectious viral agent which can be transmitted to humans and all monsters, with the latter suffering more severe symptoms and even dying from it. Gore Magala is one of the main species acting as a vector for Frenzy, and their presence in Sunbreak constitutes a great ecological threat.

The in-game effect of Frenzy in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is in line with the lore, in that it infects players like a disease and gives them a short window to get rid of it. Most of Gore Magala’s attacks inflict Frenzy; in particular, all of it area-of-effect hits do. Once clipped with one of these attacks, the player is on a timer before Frenzy triggers: during that window, they must inflict a set amount of damage to Gore Magala or suffer the debuff’s effects. If they fail to do so, they lose their natural healing completely and suffer increased damage from Gore Magala’s attacks. This makes the rest of the fight excruciatingly difficult.

How to cure Frenzy in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Frenzy is not a normal status ailment in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, and cannot be healed with consumables. There is also no armor or item that gives players resistance to Frenzy. The only way to prevent its effects is to completely dodge all of Gore Magala’s attacks — which is unrealistic — or to pummel it with enough damage before Frenzy triggers. In a way, that’s a mechanical expression of the debuff’s in-lore effect: when afflicted with Frenzy, you go into a desperate frenzy of violence to survive.

Therefore, your best bet for dealing with Frenzy in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is to bring equipment that deals bonus damage against Gore Magala. The monster is vulnerable to fire and blast damage, and slightly vulnerable to dragon and thunder damage, so using these damage types gives you a decent chance to overcome Frenzy before it’s too late.