All Monsters and Variants featured in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

A host of huntable beasts.

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Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is a massive expansion to the base game and adds more than a dozen new monsters or variants in the game. Discovering the variants and new monsters extends deep into the endgame, and you’ll be hunting them both and the original roster of creatures along the way. This Monster Hunter Rise guide will cover every monster and monster variant that appears in Sunbreak expansion.

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Daimyo Hornetaur

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The first monster encountered in Sunbreak appears before you arrive at the new hub space, Elgado, and sets off the main story about monsters spreading to areas they shouldn’t. A huge, hermit crab-like beast with a monster skull as a shell, Daimyo Horetaur is slow and relatively unthreatening, befitting its place at the beginning of the expansion.

Blood Orange Bishaten

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If you know the Bishaten fight, Blood Orange Bishaten is more of the same with a few twists. Rather than throwing multiple elements at you, it throws explosions. Blood Orange Bishaten has a few alterations to its normal attacks, but the main difference there is the massively increased damage.


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The first “story boss” monster you’ll encounter in Sunbreak, Garangolm, is a huge gorilla-like beast with structural-looking growths whose arms glow with elemental power when enraged.

Shogun Ceanataur

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The other crab-like monster in Sunbreak, the Shogun Ceanataur introduces players to one of the new status effects to Rise: Bleed. Bleed robs you of a portion of your health and damages you for every action you take. Shogun Ceanataur’s attacks have slow windups but cover a surprising area, and he’s more aggressive than the Daimyo.

Aurora Somnacanth

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As with most of the variants introduced in Sunbreak, Aurora Somnacanth alters the element of the base monster, in this case, trading standard Somnacanth’s sleep powers with hard-hitting ice. The monster has a few new moves, as well.


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Another of the main story monsters, Lunagaron, is a large wolf-like monster with ice powers. When enraged, it transforms into a werewolf-like state, becomes more aggressive, and significantly more agile. Expect to cart back to camp if you give this beast any opportunities, as the snowball potential of his fight is immense.


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Astalos continues the difficulty spike begun by Lunagaron, and every monster after asks more and more of you. Astalos is aggressive, agile, and has few easily-identifiable openings. Add in the Thunderblight and attacks with mild tracking, and this fight can test even the best-equipped hunters.


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Seregios is a little friendlier than Astalos, but like the previous entry, he’s agile, hits like a truck, and inflicts a Bleed with its tail spikes. Seregios attacks don’t cover the same spaces as Astalos’s, and there are more easily-identifiable openings in its attack patterns. The longer the fight drags on, the more Bleed will eat away at your supplies.


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Probably the most annoying monster in Sunbreak, Espinas is a master of multiple status effects, with its breath attack inflicting Poison, Paralysis, and Fireblight all at once. You’ll want to cover for at least one of these statuses, as having all of them going at once is a fantastic way to cart back to camp. Espinas normal attacks are nothing to sneeze at, either.

Gore Magala

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A fan-favorite monster, Gore Magala is back in Sunbreak, and he’s one of the best fights in the expansion. Gore Magala is faster and stronger than most monsters but is more learnable on the first encounter than Astalos or Espinas. Gore Magala’s new status, Frenzy, robs you of your ability to heal red-bar health and increases the damage you take.

Pyre Rakna-Kadaki

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Another variant, Pyre Rakna-Kadaki doesn’t change the original’s element, instead enhancing their reliance on Fire further. Pyre Rakna-Kadaki’s main gimmick now is using her web as a detonation cord and her little spiders as the bombs.


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Sunbreak’s flagship monster, Malzeno is another of the best fights in the expansion. With two distinct phases and a unique status effect, Bloodblight, saying much more about this fight, is to ruin the first encounter you have with him.

Shagaru Magala

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The Elder Dragon form of Gore Magala after it molts, Shagaru Magala isn’t quite on its lower form or Malzeno’s level. The fight is enjoyable, easy to learn, and provides plenty of challenges without being overbearing. The Frenzy status returns, of course, as do some of Gore Magala’s attacks, with a few twists.


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As revealed in the recent leaks, the true final boss of the Sunbreak campaign is Gaismagorm, and he takes after Narwa and Ibushi in appearance, with significant crystal growths sprouting from his back. The fight has three phases; Gaismagorm is enormous with a health pool to match and takes two hits from anything to cart, even the most decked-out hunters. It’s not the best fight, but the cinematic quality of it makes for a great capstone encounter to a fantastic expansion.

Furious Rajang

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If you thought Furious Rajang was going to sit this one out, think again. This angry beast is back, deep into the endgame of Sunbreak as the Master Rank 50 unlock fight, and he’ll test everything you have. His damage and aggression are vastly increased over standard Rajang, and there is no way to take him out of his enraged state, so damaging him becomes an even tougher task.

Scorned Magnamalo

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The final new monster in Sunbreak, available only when your reach MR100, is Scorned Magnamalo. Like Furious Rajang before him, this monster is in a constant fury state, forever covered in Hellfire. If you were looking for a fight with some downtime, look elsewhere, because Master Rank Mangamalo’s moves are all here, plus additional explosions that come faster and with more power than before.