Should you capture or kill monsters in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak?

Think about this decision before you finish a hunt.

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Choosing between capturing or killing monsters in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak comes down to the type of creature you’re fighting. We recommend taking out a creature at least once before you make that decision, and from there, it comes down to the materials and what you need. Here’s what you need to know about if you should capture or kill monsters in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

Is it better to capture or kill monsters?

You want to look through your Hunter Notes on Large Monsters to find this out. You can access this area by opening your main menu and scrolling to the third tab. Here, you can browse through every monster you’ve encountered and verify the type of materials and how they drop. In the second column, there’s a distinct breakdown for everything you earn when capturing it, and the fourth column has the same thing, but if you kill it.

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Even if you haven’t discovered every material a monster drops, the breakdown displays every chance you’ll have. Now, if you have a better chance of earning material by carving a creature, you’re better off killing it, especially if it’s rare. In our example, Shogun Ceanataur has decent chances of earning many of its Carved materials through capture rewards or other means. So for this monster, you’re better off catching and bringing it back to Elgado Outpost rather than killing it.

In addition to the specific materials you’re looking for, captured monsters tend to drop more materials across the board. Therefore, there’s a better chance to earn multiple resources you wouldn’t have from taking down a monster, making it more worthwhile. Again, the big question is whether you have a better chance of earning an item by carving it or other means. Consider this and review your Hunter’s Notes before capturing or killing a creature in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.