How to cure sickness in The Good Life

Be careful not to get sick.

The Good Life

Image via White Owls

Naomi is prone to becoming sick in The Good Life. Various factors such as her diet and stress can cause her to fall ill. Even being outside in the rain can lead to a cold. When first afflicted by an illness, a tutorial flashes on-screen stating players can fix their illness at the hospital.

When opening the map, however, you might find yourself wondering where it is. There’s a veterinary clinic nearby the town square, but no human hospital in sight. As it turns out, Naomi’s human illnesses can be fixed at this veterinary clinic.

Head inside the clinic and talk to George Fakhoury at the front desk. Speaking to him presents options to fix Naomi or to shop. When asking George to fix you, his item selection includes the following:

  • HP Maxer
  • Cold Treatment
  • Toothache Treatment
  • Headache Treatment
  • Lumbago Treatment
  • Alcoholism Treatment

Every treatment on the list costs £100, except for the HP Maxer, which is £75. The HP Maxer doesn’t increase Naomi’s max health limit. It only restores whatever health she’s lost. When asking to view the shop, you’re presented with the following items:

  • Compact First Aid Kit
  • Cold Medicine
  • Toothache Medicine
  • Headache Medicine
  • Mellow Poultice

All listed medicines cost £25; meanwhile, the first aid kit is £2.50. Every item on the list is self-explanatory except the mellow poultice, which cures lumbago.

The reason these medicines are much cheaper than the treatments is that they’re not as effective. They’ll still cure the illnesses, but the bonus from consumption isn’t as significant. For example, the headache treatment also nets an extra-large stress relief bonus, whereas the headache medicine comes with a small stress relief bonus.