How to customize Maya in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 comes with plenty of new options and things to do in the game. A fun change is the chance to customize the character, Maya, in unique ways by completing weekly challenges. You have the chance to change her hairstyle, tattoos, outfit, and colors, to the face paint options. These choices are locked, but these steadily unlock each week and you can gain access to them by completing the weekly challenge tied to it.

Each section is broken down into the weekly challenges, one for all of the 10 weeks.

  • Week 1: Hairstyle
  • Week 2: Tattoos
  • Week 3: Sleeves
  • Week 4: Boots
  • Week 5: Shirt colors
  • Week 6: Vest
  • Week 7: Helmet
  • Week 8: Pants color
  • Week 9: Face paint
  • Week 10 Scraf

Maya’s challenge will change every week. You can view the various optional choices in the upgrade vault at the upper right section of the main menu when you load into Fortnite. To locate Maya’s challenge for the week, proceed to the challenge table in the middle of the room, and scroll the challenges to Maya’s Challenges at the top. You should only see the available challenge that unlocks the weekly appearance choice.

After all 10 weeks, if you keep up with each of the challenges, you should unlock all of the appearance options available for Maya. You can preview the options before you unlock them by clicking on the respective sections in the upgrade vault.