How to customize weapons and change attachments in Battlefield 2042

The right attachments for every situation.

Image via EA

Jumping into a fight in Battlefield 2042 is chaotic, and you’re going to find hostiles all around you. Having a reliable weapon that you created to fit your playstyle is the best way out of a situation like that. How you customize a weapon in Battlefield 2042 is slightly different from what you might expect from a traditional FPS shooter. This guide details how you’ll be able to customize your weapons in Battlefield 2042 and use your favorite attachments.

You have to wait for a battle to start to jump into the game and customize your weapon. First, you’ll be able to pick your basic loadout and the standard weapons you want to use during a match. After you’ve launched into the game and started playing, bring up the in-field weapon customization menu, which you can do by hitting ‘T’ on the keyboard or the LB button on controllers. From there, you’ll have several choices for the different attachments you want to place on your weapon, and you’ll be to pick and choose what you want to use during any situation of combat.

Screenshot by Gamepur

You can hover over any of the available attachments to view the pros and cons of each one, giving you a decent idea of their benefits for your weapon. You’In addition, you’ll be able to bring up this menu at any time during a fight to customize your gun, giving you the freedom to modify everything whenever you need to make these changes.

This is likely the only way to customize a weapon in the Battlefield 2042 beta. We can expect a menu to appear in the final version of the game, outside of combat.