How to dash and roll in the Falconeer

Outmanveuer your foes to stay alive.

How to dash and roll in The Falconeer
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Dogfights in The Falconeer can be intense. Learning some basic maneuvering techniques is vital if you are to survive the game’s toughest battles. One of the best that you can learn is the dash and roll maneuver, which is handy in attacking and defending senses.

To roll in The Falconeer, tap the LB bumper on your Xbox One controller. If you push left or right on the left thumbstick simultaneously, your falcon will roll left or right, respectively. This can be crucial when you have an enemy on your tail, and you need to evade their fire.

If you want to dash instead, you will need to hold the LB bumper down. Push left or right on the left thumbstick, and your falcon will dash in that direction before turning suddenly. This is another handy move to shake an enemy off your backside. It also swings you back around to face them, which will allow you to turn the tables on them and return some shots of your own.

If a fight is becoming too intense, these maneuvers are your best chances of escaping. You can always retreat to a safe distance and return to the fray when your health meter has regenerated. However, you need to be aware that rolling and dashing uses up flight energy. If you run out of flight energy, which is denoted by the blue bar on your HUD, you won’t be able to use these moves, and enemies will be more likely to hit you. You can read this flight energy guide for more information on using and replenishing it.