How to gain and use flight energy in The Falconeer

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How to gain and use flight energy in The Falconeer
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The Falconeer’s flight energy system is a vital component of its gameplay. You use up flight energy for certain maneuvers, and you have to recuperate it if you want to continue using those moves, especially during combat sequences.

To gain flight energy in The Falconeer, you have to dive. You can point your falcon downwards by pushing forward on the left thumbstick. This allows your falcon to pick up speed and refill its flight energy meter, which is the blue bar on your HUD.

You regain flight energy faster if you are in a steep dive, but it is best to maintain a gentle dive to replenish your meter at a steady pace in non-combat areas. You can also regain flight energy from updrafts on the ocean surface or by flying through wind corridors high in the sky.

Your flight energy can be used for many maneuvers in The Falconeer. You can use it to ascend to greater heights, which will give you a better vantage point of distant objects and the drop on enemies during battles. You can also use flight energy to perform moves, such as the dash and roll or the brake and dive.

Once your flight energy meter is depleted, you cannot use these special moves, so bear this in mind when you enter combat scenarios and need to manage your flight energy.