How to decommission Chica in Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach

It’s time to put an end to Chica.

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Chica is one of the animatronics that will torture you throughout the night in Fnaf: Security Breach. Chica has a fatal flaw, however. She can’t help but eat food out of the garbage. There is a note you can find that explains that Chica will sneak away and eat food in the middle of the night. Use this to your advantage and decommission this animatronic. Here is how you decommission Chica in Five Night at Freddy’s: Security Breach.

Get the Bowling Pass

To start the chain of events that must happen to decommission Chica, you first need to grab the bowling pass. The Bowling Pass is found in the security room that is connected to Fazer Blast. Make your way to the Fazer Blast area and take the elevator down. Once inside, take the door to the left and follow the hallway to the security room.

Get Monty’s Mystery Mix

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Now that you have the Bowling Pass (and hopefully the Fazer Blaster), you can enter Bonnie’s Bowling on the third floor. Enter the bowling alley and make your way over to the kitchen. In the back room of the kitchen, you will find a present that contains Monty’s Mystery Mix on top of some cabinets. Use the boxes below to get it.

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After you get the mix, head back down to the ground floor and enter the back room behind the pizza place and the ice cream shop. Be careful because there will be quite a few endoskeletons that spawn after you grab the Mystery Mix.

Decommission Chica

Now that you are in the back rooms. Find the door that is marked with the number three. Open that door and follow the path to the kitchen. In the kitchen is where you will find the trash compactor. Place Monty’s Mystery Mix in the trash compactor and follow the steps for activating it.

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The first step is finding the generator. Follow the wire that leads away from the trash compactor. This will lead you to the generator in a nearby room. Activate the generator and make your way back to the kitchen.

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Once you get back into the kitchen. Look for the hanging button in front of the trash compactor. Once you press it, you will get a cutscene where Chica wanders in and gets crushed by the trash compactor.