The 5 best Minecraft Storage Room ideas, designs, and concepts

Perfect your Minecraft item stockpile by following these storage room designs.

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The main gameplay focus of Minecraft is gathering all the building blocks and crafting materials that you may need on a given world. However, as inventory space is limited and Minecraft’s item catalog continually expands, having a dedicated space to store items is necessary. While any old chest may suffice, these five designs can help you to keep your storage room organized.

What are best Minecraft storage room ideas and designs?


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Easy to craft and place, barrels are only one block in size and can be opened from their sides. This means that they can be placed virtually anywhere, functioning as compact storage that will fit in places that are out of the way. For example, lining the ceiling with barrels can create overhead storage that frees up floor space for other important objects, such as furnaces, beds, or enchanting tables.

Chest Stacks

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Aligning and stacking double chests is one of the most popular methods of storing bulk items. Chests can be placed against one another by crouching while placing a block down. Item frames, which can be used to depict the type of items being stored in each chest, can be placed by using the same technique.

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Keep in mind that chests with opaque blocks above them will not open. Opaque blocks are any type of block that both occupies the entire square block shape and stops light from passing through. Chests aligned in this fashion can open against each other because the individual chest blocks are considered “transparent” by the game’s rules, such that they’re slightly smaller in size than a full Minecraft block.

Ender chests

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Unlike most other tips included on this list, the Ender chest build uses no fancy mechanics or impressive builds in order to be as efficient as it can be. Items that you store in an Ender chest can be found in any other Ender chest in the world and are unique to you, meaning that other players can’t steal what you store in there. Its utility alone makes it a must-have for any storage room.

The Ender chest’s capacity can be technically increased by stuffing it full of 27 Shulker boxes. Each individual Shulker box can store a portable capacity of up to 27 unique items, meaning that you can ultimately stow away 729 item stacks in the privacy of an Ender chest.

Furnaces and ingots

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Hoppers are easy-to-make blocks that can connect item-processing utility blocks to storage blocks such as chests. The hopper will move processed items, such as freshly smelted ingots, directly from a furnace to a connected chest as long as it connects both blocks.

In practice, this can let you place iron and gold ore in the furnace, then have its ingot get immediately and automatically sorted into a chest with other ingots of the same type. A system like this can substantially cut down on the downtime you spend sorting items after a mining trip.

Item Disposal

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With an item catalog as expansive as Minecraft’s, you’re bound to gather a bunch of junk blocks and other useless items. When it comes to getting rid of this junk, you will need a proper item disposal system.

Throwing unnecessary items into lava will immediately delete them, so having a single block of lava in a low position can make for a sort of self-emptying trash can. Be sure to set this lava block in a position or location in which you can’t fall in, such as behind a glass case with a single block gap at the bottom to slide items through.