How to decorate your room in Monster Hunter World Iceborne


Anytime you can customize something in a game. It wildly improves your personal experience. Giving players the chance to design something by their standards gives it a sense of personalization and individuality. Monster Hunter World has a few options in their base game beyond character. There are the outfits, and finally, there’s the room. The room in the base game lets you move pets around, but the furniture is predetermined. The new Iceborne DLC takes this personalization a step further by allowing players to decorate everything in their room, down to the furniture choice.

Decorating your room in Monster Hunter: World’s expansion Iceborne is virtually the same as adding or moving pets in your office in the base game. Reported first by Twinfinite, here’s a quick guide to decorating your room.

How to decorate your room:

  1. Go inside your room. As with the base game, you must be inside your room to modify it in any way.

  2. Find and talk to the housekeeper. The housekeeper is one of two Palicos you’ll find in your room. Whichever one isn’t your partner Palico is the housekeeper.

  3. Select the Room Customization option. From here you can decide what furniture goes in your room and what doesn’t.

New furniture can be unlocked by completing missions in the main story, anything from sofas to lights. So keep hunting to improve and modify your base to your liking.