How to defeat Algos Phase 2 in Returnal

Give it all you’ve got.


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As you ascend the Tower of Sisyphus in Returnal, you’ll come up against the same boss time and time again. Aglos rears its head on the twentieth floor of each Phase, and in this guide, we’ll provide you with some tips on killing it in Phase 2.

Stack your Disgorgers

Screenshot by Gamepur

Disgorgers are a powerful new weapon type that you can use in the Tower of Sisyphus. They’re a consumable and only last for a limited time. However, they deal immense damage, and you can stack the number you have in your inventory. Pick up every Disgorger you come across regardless of its type because the fight against Aglos Phase 2 will be much easier.

Screenshot by Gamepur

We went through five Disgorgers in our first successful battle against Aglos Phase 2. Using them one after the other is the best way to smash through its health quickly. Even if you enter the fight with a disadvantage like low health, using all of the Disgorgers you find will likely see you walk away from this boss fight.

Avoid the turrets

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The only new move that Aglos has in Phase 2 is the power to spawn turrets all around it. These turrets fire a square of blue projectiles at you, but they’re easy to avoid if you dodge at the right time. Don’t stop firing at the boss while these turrets are spawning and firing. Instead, watch your surroundings and dodge when necessary. The fight will only maintain this high level of intensity, so it’s better to keep shooting Aglos until it’s dead.

You’ll get a second permanent malfunction when you’ve defeated the boss. Keep this in mind in your run leading up to the fight. Some Parasites will heal you or help you in other ways each time you get a new malfunction, so attaching one of these will be useful in the long term.