What are Disgorgers in Returnal?

Something more powerful than you average firearm.


Screenshot by Gamepur

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The Ascension update for Returnal added loads of new items to the game, including a new type of weapon. This guide explains what Disgorgers are, how to find them, and their best use so that you never feel out of your depth in the Tower of Sisyphus.

How do Disgorgers work?

Screenshot by Gamepur

Disgorgers are a new type of consumable that temporarily transforms your weapon. There are many types of Disgorger, so the weapon you get when you use one can vary. The first one we found was the Blight-Wave Disgorger. This fires a devastating swam of projectiles that seek out your enemies. This is an incredibly powerful weapon that should probably be saved for boss and mini-boss encounters based on our testing.

How to find more Disgorgers

Screenshot by Gamepur

Disgorgers appear throughout the Tower of Sisyphus. You’ll need to progress higher through each floor and phase to find more of them. The exact mechanics of what makes these consumable weapons appear isn’t clear, but it seems as though the first one spawns in Phase 2, and there should be at least one more in each subsequent phase. You can only find these through explanation, and once you’ve used one, it’s gone.