How to defeat Captain Black Tail in Tails of Iron

He’s an irate pirate.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Bloody Whiskers DLC throws you right in the deep end by having you face challenging bosses. Among the first few will be Captain Black Tail, a cunning rat pirate with a large sword and powerful blunderbuss. They’re light on their feet and fast on the trigger but have a few tells that give away their next move. If you’re having trouble with the captain, follow the guide below to reduce the chance of them cutting you down again and again.

How to bring down Captain Black Tail

As soon as you get within a few steps of the pirate, the fight will begin. If you get too close, a red prompt will flash above his head and he’ll rush you with his sword. Dodge the attack by rolling or sliding behind him. The fight may also begin with him firing his blunderbuss at you. Block the shot with your shield and quickly return fire once, then bring out your shield again.

The captain has multiple attacks but only one red prompted one. He’ll lunge at you then jump into the air before crashing down onto the ground. Dodge out of the way and once again prepare your shield as he may point his gun at you. He’ll either remain standing or quickly slide on the ground and point it over his head. Hold onto your shield and fire your ranged weapon back once he lowers his gun.

You will have multiple chances to attack him with your light or heavy weapon. A yellow prompt will appear above his head and he’ll lunge at you with his sword. Parry the attack and hit him three times before backing up. There may also come a time where he stops for a moment to wipe his brow or cocks his gun and fires. Take the opportunity to attack him a few times before retreating to a safe distance.