How to defeat Giganto in Sonic Frontiers

Your first bout as Super Sonic.

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Your first match-up with Giganto in Sonic Frontiers has you quickly defeated in a cutscene. There is no way for Sonic to contend with the gigantic robot without the help of the Chaos Emeralds. After progressing through the story and finding the first six Chaos Emeralds, you are forced to take on Giganto head-on. Here is how to defeat it.

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How to beat Giganto as Super Sonic in Sonic Frontiers

Before going in, we recommend collecting as many rings as possible and upgrading your ring counter at the Elder Koco. You can get countless rings by continuously making circles with your Cyloop ability.

When you first start the boss fight with Giganto, you need to grab the last Chaos Emerald that is on the robot’s head. To reach it, run up Giganto’s legs and hit the blue rings to propel yourself upward. When you are in the sky, try to boost yourself onto his arm and continue going up. When you reach the top, avoid the red rings and grab the Chaos Emerald to transform into Super Sonic and get the awesome rock music going.

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As Super Sonic, you will never take damage, but your ring counter will slowly go down. If the ring counter reaches zero, you will revert back to regular Sonic and have to start the fight over. You need to make the most of your time and deal as much damage as possible before that happens.

Giganto boss first phase

The first phase is pretty straightforward. Fly forward and attack Giganto either on his head, shoulders, arms, or chest. Hit him with a simple assault until he rears back to attack you. When he does this, hold your parry and counterattack him to deal quite a bit of damage. If he hits you, he will knock you far away, and you must boost back close to him while avoiding another attack. Keep attacking him until he gets to half-health and begins shooting lasers out of his back.

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Giganto boss second phase

For the most part, the second phase of Giganto’s boss fight is the same as the first. The lasers he shoots out of his back just mean you must stay in front of him at all times, which is what you should be doing anyway. The big difference this time around will be two situations where Giganto will fire a mouth beam at you or try to bite you. You will have to mash a button in both situations to end his attack.

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Outside of the QTEs, keep doing the same attacks you did in the first. Hit him with a full assault, probably in his chest area, and when he rears back to attack, parry him to counterattack with a powerful blast that knocks a chunk of health off. Keep up this plan, and Giganto should go down pretty quickly. If you keep losing rings before finishing him off, load an old save and gather about 300 rings to give yourself a big amount of time to take him down.