How to defeat the bosses of The Necrotic Wake in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

Try not to track any of the stench on your way out after victory

World of Warcraft Sylvanas Shadowlands

Image via Blizzard

Four bosses await your party as you plow through The Necrotic Wake in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. We’ll help you conquer them on your way to the loot at the end of the tunnel.


Blightbone is big and ugly, which is appropriate for someone who can breathe toxic fumes in your direction. It can hit your group with Heaving Retch, which you’ll see coming if a green arrow is pointed in your direction. If this happens, whoever has the arrow should stand still, while everyone else moves out of the way. Heaving Retch also brings 3 Carrion Worms, which target random party members. Kill them before they touch you and stack Blood Gorge; these worms are arguably more dangerous than Blightbone himself.

Blightbone can also cast Fetid Gas, which is as lovely as it sounds. Steer clear of the cloud, keep killing the worms that spawn with Heaving Retch, and you’ll bring the giant mess down.


Amarth is much easier on the eyes than Blightbone, but it can wipe your party if you don’t keep your damage high enough. At times, it will add to the onslaught by summoning mobs with Land of the Dead, followed quickly by Final Harvest. This will cause all of the adds to explode, so be sure to take care of them while they’re on the map.

Also, make sure your healers take note of Final Harvest, which stacks Tortured Echoes on top of everything else. If any of your members have an ability that can interrupt, you can stop Amarth from casting Necrotic Bolt. Don’t confuse this with Necrotic Breath; when you see this, make a run for it. Stick to pounding Amarth and the cronies, and you’ll be halfway home.


Technically, the encounter with Stitchflesh starts when you first enter the Necropolis. Your party will need to wipe out every single mob before the boss appears. You shouldn’t have to worry too much, but make sure to face the direction of an enemy if you’re targeted with Throw Cleaver.

When Stitchflesh spawns, you won’t be able to target it until you mow down a bunch of Stitchflesh’s Creation mobs. At some point, a party member other than the tank will receive Meat Hook. When the arrow appears over their head, face the direction of Stitchflesh, and send the hook straight into the boss. This will pull it down, making it vulnerable. Hit it with everything your party has before it climbs to safety, and rinse and repeat with Meat Hook until the surgeon has to close up the practice.


For a final boss of a dungeon, Nalthor doesn’t have much in the way of abilities. Nalthor can cast a magic debuff called Frozen Binds, which your healer can despell if they’re the only one in the circle.

Be careful with Comet Storm. When Nalthor starts casting, you will see swirling pools forming on the ground, and the comets fall very quickly. Keep moving all over the place, away from the projectiles, which will stack more and more damage. If you stay put, you will likely die.

Dark Exile will send one of your DPS players to a platform beneath the boss fight. This player has less than a minute to kill an enemy on the opposite side of the platform, or they will die instantly. Upon killing this random enemy and returning, an enormous void zone will appear. All other party members should retreat to a corner of the map to avoid the zone as much as possible.

Stay on your toes and Nalthor will fall, along with the rest of The Necrotic Wake.