How to defeat the MNHR boss in Signalis

Learn how to survive & win against the first boss.

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The first boss in SIGNALIS comes out of nowhere, though there are plenty of supplies in the previous room to indicate something big is happening. You are introduced to MNHR, a mining unit packing some incredible firepower and durable armor. Unfortunately, it also wants you dead for some mysterious reason and you don’t get a choice in the matter.

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The method to defeat MNHR isn’t obvious, but the boss is vulnerable at certain points in the fight. Your goal is to survive until those vulnerable points appear, then take your best shots to weaken the boss. It’s as easy as it sounds, but you have other factors to worry about.

Preparing for the MNHR boss fight

Before the fight, you will be in a save room with a storage box along with some supplies scattered around. You jump into the hole in the center of the room when you are ready. There are no other obstacles to go through, and you can rest/recover as needed.

Bringing along a shotgun with some ammo is recommended, though you can get through this fight with just a handgun and its ammo. Regardless of your firearm choice, you want to bring a lot of ammunition as other enemies will appear during the fight. Repair Patches will be suitable for healing, but a Repair Spray or two won’t hurt if you can put it in.

MNHR boss fight strategy

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MNHR starts off strong, aiming a laser at you that takes some seconds to charge. The tracking works well and it is difficult to outrun. You can shake off the laser by hiding behind objects like a pillar or a mirror. This will block the shot and MNHR will load another round. At this stage, MNHR is invulnerable and won’t take any damage from gunfire.

After some time, MNHR will walk around the room trying to reach you. At some point, it will kneel down and its helmet window will retract. That is your cue to start shooting at MNHR as it is vulnerable. Don’t get too close (especially if using the shotgun) because you will get damaged. Stay close enough for a shot, but far away that you aren’t taking damage.

Throughout the battle, other enemies will crawl out from the floor tiles to attack you. There will only be two enemies at a time, but they are still inconvenient. If you can’t shake them off, you will need to shoot them/use your tools to bring them down.

Continue to dodge MNHR’s gunfire and shoot it when the helmet retracts. There are a few more supplies scattered around the room if you are running low. If you can keep the other enemies at bay and fire at MNHR when it is weak, you will eventually win.