How to delete games and apps on the Xbox Series X

So long, old friends.

Xbox Series X

Those new SSDs in the Xbox Series X might load games fast, but they will also fill up quickly thanks to the ever-growing size of modern games. As such, you may need to delete something a little quicker than you realize, especially if you are a Call of Duty fan.

Thankfully, console makers normally expect us to move on from games and understand that we will need to delete them eventually. As such, Microsoft has made the process very simple on the Xbox Series X.

To delete your games on Xbox Series X, just follow the below steps:

  • Open up the “My Games and Apps” menu.
  • Hover over which game or app you want to delete.
  • While hovering over a game, click on the small button to the right of the “X” button, just under the Xbox button.
  • This should bring up a new menu. Click “Uninstall.”
  • Then click “Uninstall All.”

Once it is complete, which won’t take very long, you will have some more free space on your SSD for your next game.