How to delete your play activity on Nintendo Switch

Hide your games, hide your waifu.

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Image via Nintendo

Is there a game you’re embarrassed about playing? Do you want it wiped off the face of existence on your profile that everyone can see? While the solutions may have major caveats, there are multiple ways to delete your play activity on the Nintendo Switch.

How to delete your play activity through User Settings

  • Click on your profile on the top left of the main menu screen
  • From there, toggle the cursor over to the bottom under User Settings
  • Under Profile Settings, you’ll find Play Activity Settings
Screenshot by Gamepur
  • Now, you have two options.
    • The first is to change the visibility of your played games. You can alter it with No one, Best Friends, Friends, and All Users (everyone on the Nintendo Switch). If you’re secretive about what you’re playing, you’ll want to choose No one. The issue is that no one will be able to know when you’re playing a multiplayer game like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate or Monster Hunter Rise. Unless you invite them, they’ll never know you’re online, ready to match up.
    • The second involves deleting your entire play history. This means that all of the hours logged and your library of games referenced on your profile will vanish. You’ll still have your games on your account, but others won’t know what you have done. In addition, you won’t be able to keep track of the countless amount of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe you have played.

There is another, yet awkward, way

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Your profile shows off the last 20 games you have played. If you want to play a game you’re not proud of; you can hide it behind 20 different titles. You’ll have to boot them all up to keep your dirty little secret hidden from all eyes. If you don’t have this many, you could always download the free-to-play games available on the Nintendo Switch.