How to destroy Cores in Resident Evil Village – Shadows of Rose

Destroying the mold at its core.

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Shadows of Rose focuses on Ethan’s daughter as she delves into the memories of the Mutamycete to look for a way to remove her powers. As you progress through Castle Dimitrescu, you will see flowers attached to strands of the Mutamycete. These are what are referred to as Cores. These Cores are also known as Sclerotia and help the Mutamycete network function. They must be destroyed and there is only one way to do it. This guide will show you how to destroy Cores in Resident Evil Village – Shadows of Rose.

Where to find the RW-Variant Flask 1 in Resident Evil Village – Shadows of Rose

As the mystical words on the walls across the DLC will tell you, you need an enhancer to upgrade Rose’s powers to allow her to destroy the Cores. This comes in the form of an item called the RW-Variant Flask 1. As you enter the courtyard of the castle, the words on the wall will guide you to the library; an area once visited by Ethan. Go through the door and head up the stairs. Be prepared, you will need to deal with multiple enemies along the way.

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The pathway is fairly straightforward and will lead you through the library and the waiting room. After that, you will enter the Atelier. If you played the main campaign, you should recognize this as the room where you need to shoot the five bells. Instead of shooting bells, go up the stairs and knock the ladder over so you can cross the Mutamycete.

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Continue along the path, taking the ladder up to the attic. Go across the attic to the workshop and you will find the RW-Variant Flask 1 sitting in the room. After picking it up, you will gain the ability to destroy Cores. After getting the flask, you will be prompted to destroy the next Core you see. After that, you just simply need to aim at a Core and use your powers.