How to Destroy Geth Ship Claws on Feros in Mass Effect Legendary Edition

The Geth are invading.

When you enter the ExoGeni facility on Feros in the Mass Effect Legendary Edition, your goal is to knock out the Geth’s ship attached to the facility. After meeting with Lizbeth, she’ll provide you her keycard to enter the facility to find a way to remove the ship.

Where to find the Geth Ship Claws

The first set of Geth Ship Claws you find will be latched into the side of the building, and there’s no way to remove them. You and your team will move on from them, and you make your way through the ExoGeni Main Level. When you hop down from a certain area, you’ll see several Geth worshipping a bright light, which your squadmates comment on being a religious-like location for them.

From here, you need to go upstairs to the Upper Level. You can reach this by advancing through the facility and proceeding to the left side. Before entering this stairwell, there will be a group of Geth in the larger room. After you eliminate them, you can proceed upstairs.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Once you head up the stairs, follow the pathway until you enter a Geth-filled room. There will be several enemies you need to defeat, and then another smaller staircase in the room you need to head up on the right side. When you reach the top, your squadmates will comment about how difficult it will be to remove the claw without the proper amount of explosives. However, the camera pans to the other side of a room, also full of Geth. You need to clear this out and then reach the other side.

In that room with a door pressure gauge. You need to activate the correct PSI to reach a dangerous amount without going over. If it goes over, it starts over and you have to try again. These are the valves you need to activate.

  • 5 PSI
  • 11 PSI
  • 17 PSI

After activating all of them, you can interact with the terminal, and you can close the door, destroying the claw and causing the Geth Ship to fall from the building.

Screenshot by Gamepur

With the Geth Ship removed from the building, you can return the way you came, down the stairs, and look for Lizbeth. When you reach the bottom, follow the pathway to the left, and you can leave the ExoGeni facility.

Screenshot by Gamepur