How to destroy the orb and beat the Pensieve Guardian in Hogwarts Legacy

There’s a trick to this boss fight Dueling Feat.

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The Pensieve Guardian is the boss at the end of the Percival Rackham’s Trial quest in Hogwarts Legacy. It’s a lot like the Pensieve Protectors, Pensieve Sentinels, and Pensieve Sentries you’ve fought up to this point (including immediately before meeting the Pensieve Guardian), but it’s much bigger and tougher. It also has a tricky Dueling Feat that can’t be completed through any obvious means: Destroy the orb as it is charging up.

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How to destroy the orb as it is charging up

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You’ve probably tried attacking the orb with every offensive spell at your disposal, and just ended up getting hit hard and taking a lot of damage when the orb inevitably reaches full charge. But this Duelling Feat isn’t about maximising damage in a short space of time. The orb can be destroyed with just one spell. It’s just a matter of picking the right spell. The clue is in the color of the orb. If the orb is yellow, then hit it with a yellow Control spell such as Levioso. If it’s purple, then hit it with a purple Force spell such as Accio. And if it’s red, then hit it with a damage spell, such as Confringo.

How to beat the Pensieve Guardian

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Once you know how to destroy the orb, the Pensieve Guardian gets much easier to beat. Unfortunately, you can’t disarm it with Expelliarmus like you can the other Pensieve enemies. But if you destroy the orb whenever you get the chance, and stun it with ancient magic (the other, much easier, Dueling Feat) at every opportunity, you should be able to wear it down without too much trouble. Just remember that the orb isn’t its only means of attack so, as always, you need to parry when you see the yellow attack indicators, and dodge roll when you see the red attack indicators.