How to detect ghost footsteps using a parabolic microphone in Phasmophobia

The ghost is louder than you think.

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The parabolic microphone in Phasmophobia is probably one of the more complex tools to use in the game. It looks like a miniature antenna. While it might appear cumbersome and difficult to use, it’s beneficial in finding the distinct location of a ghost when it’s moving around a house. It helps determine where inside a building a ghost could be, but you’ll need other tools to help narrow down the exact room it’s haunting to set up the rest of your equipment and discover what it is. A bonus objective to earn more money at the end of a ghost mission is to detect a ghost’s footsteps using this tool.

You want to make sure you purchase the parabolic microphone before you go on a mission. This piece of equipment costs $50.

When you turn on the microphone, the device will have the numbers 0.00 on it. These numbers represent the sound and how loud a noise is being made within the device’s distance. When a ghost is making a sound, these numbers will bounce between 1 to 3, and these are simple sounds, such as shutting a door or moving an object. The number will increase and stack up when multiple sounds are being made in the direction the microphone is pointing.

Completing this task can be difficult because the microphone picks up several other sounds that are being made in the game and your friend’s voices. If your friends are talking with each other or attempting to lure the ghost out, it won’t work. You want to operate with this device in a separate place or notify your friends to stand behind you while you use it.

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When you see the numbers appear on the device, you don’t want to assume the task is completed yet. The ghost might be knocking something over, opening a door, or causing a similar form of trouble. You want to hunker down for a bit, continue listening, and then return to the van. You might have to try and attempt this task several times because lining up the microphone is a bit annoying, along with nailing the distance. Thankfully, it can hear through walls, so you do not have to be in the same room as the ghost.