How to do a body check in NHL 22

Hit em’ hard.

Image from EA Sports

When you think of hockey, what comes to mind? Is it booming slap shots, or is it big hits that leave the fans roaring? Checks are a big part of hockey, and body checks also play a big role in NHL 22. With that said, you might be wondering how to a body check yourself? Let’s go over the controls.

To do a body check, you will need to use the Defense Skill Stick in NHL 22. The Defense Skill Stick in NHL 22 is the right stick for the Xbox platform, and the right analog stick on PlayStation.

The direction of the hip check will depend on how you shift the stick. For example, if you are attempting to check someone to your left, shift the Skill Stick to the left. If an opposing player is to the right, move the stick to the right.

Body checking in hockey needs to be done in a fine manner. Yes, a check can be very useful, but be too aggressive, and you can put yourself out of position and give the opposing team a golden opportunity should you whiff on the check. Make sure to square up the player before using a check, and always ensure you have numbers behind you.