How to do a perfect dodge and perfect parry in Resident Evil 3 Remake

Get out of the way quickly and efficiently.

There are plenty of zombies and nasty creatures after you in Resident Evil 3: Remake. Because of this massive horde’s hunger for your flesh, it can feel like the odds are always against you. Sure, you have plenty of guns to use against them, but you don’t have a lot of ammo. An excellent way to conserve ammo is to perform a perfect dodge. The perfect dodge takes a little practice to master, though.

Perfect dodge with Jill

Jill is the one who does the perfect dodge, so we’ll focus on her technique first.

You need to wait for the zombie to get close enough to you to attempt an attack. Prepare for it by pressing the RB/R1 button, and then pushing the left thumbstick in a direction away from the enemy as it starts to attack. Shortly after, turn to face the enemy and fire at them, hopefully landing a well-timed headshot to do some severe damage to them.

When you do the perfect dodge correctly, the game should bring your crosshairs immediately to the enemy’s head, giving you the best shot to do the most damage. Time also slows down to make it easier for you to land the hit. You’ll know you did the roll and dodge within the correct window because there is a distinct sound that goes off when it happens. If you hear this sound, you’ll know you’ve done this correctly, and you can start doing it more often as you pick up the technique.

Perfect parry with Carlos

When you play as Carlos, he operates almost entirely the same, except he does a counter punch instead of a dodge. It works a little differently but follows the same button pattern.

When an enemy is about to grab you, press the RB/R1 button and hit them, pushing them away. You want to flick your thumbstick in the direction away from the enemy at the same time. The attack should knock the enemy down on its back, giving you a clear shot of their head for a few seconds. You can do this multiple times against enemies, one after another.

You want to practice these two techniques fairly often, so try to save the game and run after some zombies in the early portion of your playthrough to test it out. Once you get the hang of it, reload your save and fight them again, perfecting your technique.