How to do a shock chain on a threat sensor in Halo Infinite

Combine the threat sensor with an electric weapon to create a shock chain effect.

Halo Infinite

Image via 343 Industries

The equipment and weapons you use in a Halo Infinite multiplayer game can significantly affect the outcome of your match. If you don’t use them properly or select the correct combinations to give yourself an advantage over the enemy, you’ll have a hard time winning a match. For those struggling with the shock chain ability with electric-based weapons, you can trigger it using a threat sensor.

You’ll need a Shock Rifle or a Disruptor weapon. You can find these across the multiplayer maps during any of your games. Once you have one of those weapons, you’ll need to find the threat sensor, an equipment item.

Screenshot by Gamepur

With these two available to you, the next step is to toss a threat sensor near a small cluster of enemies. When you toss a threat sensor on the ground, the pings it gives off highlight nearby enemies, so you should be able to see how many are nearby. After you know how many there are, all you have to do is shoot the threat sensor, or close to it, any nearby enemies will get hit by it.

Combining these weapons and equipment is a good way to secure kills against an enemy team protected by a wall or playing defensively.