All Fractured intel mission locations in Call of Duty Warzone

Time to learn the truth.

Image via Activision

Ghost has a new mission for all Call of Duty players interested in jumping into a Warzone game and finding pieces of intel to learn about the cause of the airport attack. Completing the various objectives in the mission unlocks 10,000 XP. There are 7 objectives to the quest, each with a piece of mysterious intel you need to learn about to go on to the next objective. The seventh objective provides you a juicy hint about what to do next.

Objective 1

The first objective has you visiting a location on the Warzone map to gather some intel for Ghost. While the objective only provides you with a small amount of detail with a picture, you can tell inside of a building. It’s at the TV station. You can find it on the bottom floor at the front of the anchor’s desk.

Objective 2

The next objective only provides a text piece of intel. Your primary concern regarding this intel is the remark about Gate B-23 in the Verdansk airport. You want to head to the airport on the Warzone map and find that location. You want to find a small computer with the next piece of intel, behind a small wooden desk. If you get lost, check the blue signs above your head while running through the lobby. It should point towards a gate B-23, or your can find the crashed plane nearby and climb it to make it to the other side.

Objective 3

The next objective has you going to the ATC tower on the map, which stands for the Air Traffic Control tower. You can do this from the same location of the airport. You won’t have to go too far. Go to the base of the tower, find an elevator, and ride it to the top. When you make it up there, locate a computer you can interact with and you will have discovered the third piece of intel.

Objective 4

The next piece of intel shows that the ATC Tower reported that a transponder offline. There’s a small stub with various pieces of information, some of it crossed off. It’s hinting at a ticket stub for a plane, and the one you want to find is the crashed one at the south of the military base on the map. Head there, and you want to go to the front portion of the crashed plane on the right side, look down on the floor for a pile of papers. You can interact with for the fourth piece of intel.

Objective 5

The fifth piece of intel is a bit more forward about where you need to go. You need to go to the Arklov AFB, which stands for Air Force Base. You need to go to the Arklov Peak Military Base, and it’s north of the crashed plane from the fourth objective. You should find it behind the large hanger at the center of the location, at a computer station.


Objective 6

The final piece of intel is slightly misleading. While it shows it at the airport, where you received a majority portion of intel, you need to go to the military base. It’s further back from the hanger, to the southwest of the hanger. From intel piece 5, look behind you and find the large red and white towers. Go there, and stick to the right side where the back building is, and you should find a small computer station available to you.

Objective 7

The final piece of intel goes to you and provides with you a hint about the next step. These new pieces of intel will likely be weekly objectives players in Warzone will need to complete, so make sure you keep up with it.