How to do the Supply Run contract in Call of Duty Warzone

It’s time to buy, buy, buy.

Call of Duty‘s Warzone battle royale game became slightly bigger following the Season 4 Reloaded update. One of the new changes added to the game was the Supply Run contract. It’s an available contract you, or your squad could complete earning some extra money during the match. But the Supply Contract works a little bit differently. Rather than provide you a substantial reward when you complete it, the Supply Run gives you a massive discount on things you can purchase at the Buy Station. 

When you grab the Supply Run contact, you and your teammates have a limited-time to reach a nearby Buy Station. When you arrive at the Buy Station, you will have a variety of discounts for the listed items. Once the timer runs out, you and your squad can no longer use that discount to buy anything you need.

Because the Supply Run contract is all about using your money rather than earning any, you’re better off grabbing a little bit into your Warzone match. If you grab it too soon, you may find you and your squad only buying one item each, and then needing to move on to the next contract. You likely want to make the Supply Run your third or fourth contract during your Warzone game to make the most of the money. However, Supply Run contracts are also an excellent way to save on having to use all of your cash to repurchase a team member into the game.

You should expect to see plenty of teams going after the Supply Run contract during your Warzone matches, likely around the middle of the game, when they have a decent cash pile. The contract will probably enter the consistent rotation of items you can grab following Season 4.