How to Install Witcher 3’s Optional Switch Update

The Witcher 3

Image via CD Projekt Red

While it is still surprising that a game the size of The Witcher 3 was ported to the Switch, it is less surprising that Saber Interactive, the team behind the port, is still working on ways to make the game run better on the platform. The game does have some resolution and frame rate issues, but there is a way to improve how it will perform on the Nintendo Switch.

Update 3.4 is an optional update that improves performance, so if you have been unhappy with how the game has been running, it is a good idea to download it to see if it improves things for you. While Update 3.4 has been available since the game launched, it seems that a lot of players didn’t know it existed. The update is optional, so it will not automatically download.

To download Update 3.4, go to the game on your home screen, then open up the options menu by hitting the + button. Select “Software Update,” then “Via the Internet” to check and see if Update 3.4 is available. If you haven’t already downloaded it, it should come back as an option. Install the update; then you are good to go.

The update should provide a bump in the graphical fidelity of the game, improve frame rates, and less lag. The update clocks in at about 3GB, it could take a little while to download. The only issue with the update is that some users have reported problems with none-English subtitles after downloading the update.

We are not sure why this update was made optional, but it might be worth using the same method to check for further updates in the future, just in case anything is hiding on the servers.