How to earn HUT Coins quickly in NHL 21

Don’t forget to spend them wisely.

There are two different types of currency in Hockey Ultimate Team: Points and Coins. Points, which can be only acquired by real money, are used towards buying HUT packs. Coins, on the other hand, can be used to buy packs, as well as player items, team items, and consumable items in the Auction House. Unlike Points, you can’t buy Coins (legally) in NHL 21, so you’ll have to earn them the hard way. But how can you earn HUT Coins quickly in NHL 21? Let’s go over some tips on how to earn Coins in a fast and efficient manner.

Playing in Online action

Playing Online HUT games is one of the easier ways you can snare some Coins. Coins and other rewards (packs, cards, etc) can be earned after completing games HUT RUSH, HUT Rivals, and HUT Champions. Keep in mind though that the amount of Coins you earn after every game depends on how well you played. Win an online game and pot a couple of goals, and you should come away with a nice reward. If you lose, you will still earn Coins (should you complete the game), but the number won’t be as high.

Go through Offline Challenges and Squad Battles

If you’re just starting out your team, this route is probably the best one to take. Completing Offline challenges will not only net you a chance at packs, depending on the type, but also some coins. However, not every challenge is equal. Some will yield consumable or player packs as rewards. Other challenges might give you a batch of coins. Make sure to look at the details of each challenge, plus the objectives, to see what the rewards are.

Squad Battles are also another way to earn Coins. In Squad Battles, players can take on other HUT teams in offline one-play action. You’ll also have the chance to take on custom teams created by influencers and professional athletes. Not only can you earn Coins in Squad Battles, but as you play more, you’ll also have the opportunity to win packs and other rewards.

Complete Objectives & Milestones

Completing HUT objectives can also yield HUT Coins. To find objectives to complete, click the bottom-right box entitled Objectives & Milestones on the HUT Central tab. You’ll be able to see the daily objectives (which are reset every day at 2 PM PT), as well as any special event and progression objectives. You’ll receive a reward after completing each one, and more often than not, these rewards will be Coins.

Additionally, you can also earn Coins by completing Milestones. Milestones can range from completing a number of sets in NHL 21 to scoring a certain amount of goals.

Work the Auction House

Lastly, working on the Auction House can help you get some cheap coins. To do this, head over to the Auction House and take a look at which players are on the block. Ideally, you’ll want to look for cheap Gold players that belong to NHL teams, since those items are needed for collections, and are in the high 70’s and low 80’s. Once you do, scoop those cards and then re-list those items on the market for a slightly higher price.

This method can be difficult and time-consuming, but it can be worth it if you find a good bargain. Keep in mind though that there’s a 5% tax on each HUT sale on the Auction House, so calculate that in with your listing price.

You can also do this with consumable and team items, but also keep in mind that the market isn’t as robust for those cards. Because of that, you might have trouble unloading cards for a profit.