How to earn M2 coins in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Get ready for the upcoming M2 tournament.

Image via Moonton

For players eager to support their favorite professional team in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, the M2 event leading up to the tournament is a great way to do that. You’ll be able to earn M2 coins during the event by participating in several challenges. You can also earn these coins by guessing what teams will win their respective rounds during the tournament. The competition kicks off on January 18 and goes until the 24. You’ll be able to watch it on YouTube, the Mobile Legends Facebook page, or by checking out the in-game tournament interface. But before the competition happens, there are a few rewards you can purchase using your coins.

There are five tasks you can complete outside of the tournament to earn M2 coins.

  • Log into the game: 10 M2 coins
  • Win 1 Classic/Ranked/Brawl/Magic Chess match: 10 M2 coins
  • Share the event once: 20 M2 coins
  • Play 3 Classic/Ranked/Brawl/Magic Chess matches: 20 M2 coins
  • Complete 1 Classic/Ranked/Brawl/Magic Chess match with a friend: 30 M2 coins

Make sure to go to the M2 Pass page in Featured to claim all of your coins.

After you’ve completed those tasks, you can also choose to upgrade your M2 pass using 899 Diamonds to earn 200 M2 coins and the Shadow Omen skin for Clint. This reward disappears on January 25, so it won’t be around forever.

Preorder M2 match events

These are not the only methods for you to earn M2 coins. Go to the events tab, check out the Clint “Shadow Omen” tag in featured, and click on it. You’ll be taken to the M2 Tournament Pass page, where you claim all of your coins. In that same tab, click on the View Games option at the top, and you can preorder your spot for the first match, which kicks off on January 18 between Todak and Omega. By doing so, you’ll earn 50 M2 coins right now and 50 when the match starts on that date.

Champion Predictions

In the same section of preordering the match, you can make a champion prediction to choose who might win the M2 Tournament in Mobile Legends on the left side. If you guess correctly, you will receive 200 M2 coins for your guess.

You can choose between these competitors:

  • Dreammax
  • Impunity KH
  • Alter Ego
  • RRQ Hoshi
  • 10S Gaming Frost
  • Todak
  • Burmese Ghouls
  • Bren Esports
  • Omega
  • Unique Devu
  • Evos SG
  • RSG