How to earn Macca in Shin Megami Tensei V

Curious on how to earn loads of Macca?

Ara Mitama

Screenshot by Gamepur

Macca makes the Netherworld go around in Shin Megami Tensei V. Apart from being used to purchase items from the Cadaver’s Hollow, you also need Macca to negotiate with demons and summon from the Demon Compendium — and that latter option requires so much Macca, your head will spin. So that begs the question — how do we earn Macca?

There are a handful of ways. The first, and fastest, option, is to farm monsters with the DLC “Mitama Dance of Wealth.” This DLC will increase your battles with Mitamas that drop items which can be sold for stupendous amounts of Macca.

If you don’t want to spend $2.99 on the DLC, then no problem. Your next best option is to track down Mitamas manually and defeat them in combat. Mitamas can randomly appear on the overworld map, and they also appear randomly in battle alongside other common demons. You will notice a Mitama battle because the battle theme will change significantly.

Mitamas cannot be negotiated with, and they nullify everything except their one weakness. To make matters worse, their weakness changes every battle, so pack a variety of elemental spells and Spyglass items. Mitamas will drop a massive about of EXP and Macca, as well as Junk that can be sold for more Macca, but their rarity makes them a bit unreliable.

The final option is to sell Junk to Gustave at Cadaver’s Hollow. You can acquire Junk from vending machines that are lit up in the Overworld. These vending machines recharge over time, so it’s best to hit up every vending machine you see while progressing, and revisit them at a later time.