How to emote in Minecraft’s Nether Update

Dance to your heart’s content.

Image via Mojang

You can now perform different emotes in Minecraft in the Nether Update. These emote are an excellent way for you to have a little fun while communicating with your friends. How you emote will vary depending on what console you are playing Minecraft, but it appears every player will have access to performing six different emotes at a time without having to switch them out. 

For PC players you need to click the “B” key, for the majority of console players, you want to hit the left button on your directional pad to bring the emotes menu. With the list up, you want to select what emote you want your character to perform, and they should do the animation for a second or two. Players have already been experimenting with the addition of emotes, and some have discovered you can do them while you are in the air.

You can change your available emotes by opening up the emotes screen and going to the bottom icon to alternate them for new ones when more become available. For update 1.16, they are only available in the Bedrock version of Minecraft, but will eventually make their way over to the main game. There are only six available, but more were hinted at during MINECON Live 2019, such as the breakdance, celebrate, follow me, and giddy, emotes.