How to emote Thanks to a Support player in Overwatch 2

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Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch 2 reminds you now and then to give your Supports some love. During times like the Valentine’s Day event, they will run certain challenges to incentivize you to be a good teammate and give some love to the people fighting to keep you alive on the battlefield. Sometimes, you will have the challenge to simply saying thanks to them for all they do. Here is how to emote “Thanks” to a Support hero in Overwatch 2.

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How to complete the Thanks Love challenge in Overwatch 2

To emote Thanks to a Support player in Overwatch 2, you only need to point your reticle at them and select Thanks in the communication menu. On console, the default for this is holding down on the d-pad and selecting Thanks when you let go. On PC, the communication wheel is brought up by pressing C. If you are pointed at the hero when you let go, the game chat will say you are talking to them. That is how you know you did it right.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The easiest time to get this challenge done is at the beginning of a round when you are in the spawn room. Take a quick second to say Thanks to a Support on your team and then focus on playing the game. Be sure to stay in the game until you get the victory or defeat screen, and then you should see the challenge completion pop up afterward.

Supports are pretty well-known for being the go-to scapegoat for toxic players that underperform in a match of Overwatch 2. They direct their frustrations on these players if they feel they are not getting the proper healing to sustain incoming damage. For that reason, it is always good to show them you appreciate their support.