Overwatch 2 console players are feeling left out without access to Loverwatch

Cupid is out of reach for these players.

Screenshot by Gamepur

While many people in the Overwatch 2 community have fallen in love with the Loverwatch dating sim, there is a significant portion of the player base that is unable to access the game. Because the game is only available on desktop browsers, console players who don’t have a PC or laptop around their house have no way to play the free-to-play game. This has led these players to take to various social media sites to post their disappointment in being locked out of the content.

Loverwatch is a text-based dating sim that has you going down routes to romance either Genji or Mercy, two of Overwatch’s most popular heroes, with Hanzo stepping in as the role of Cupid to aid you along the way. It’s a short game filled to the brim with meta-humor, and the community has fallen in love with it. However, the game immediately stops working on Xbox’s Microsoft Edge browser, the PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch don’t have browsers, and mobile devices can’t even get the game started without the below message being displayed.

Screenshot by Gamepur

While Loverwatch takes at most about 30 minutes to complete with the secret ending, it does give you rewards for Overwatch 2, like a new highlight intro, player icons, and titles. No matter how small of an addition you think this is, it is annoying that players have no way to get it unless they already own a laptop or PC.

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This isn’t the first time console players have been denied access to Overwatch 2 content that PC players have gotten for free. When the game was running cross-promotions with Heroes of the Storm, the only way to get D.Va’s Officer skin was to have a PC with that game installed. Blizzard later remedied this by putting the skin in loot boxes, but handling the Loverwatch situation requires a different approach. Either making the game playable on mobile devices next year or implementing it in Overwatch 2 itself could go a long way to making people not feel left out for not owning a PC.