How to enable BetterTTV Emotes on Twitch

Get the BetterTTV emotes for your Twitch.

Image via Twitch

Twitch has become an integral part of the gaming and streaming eco-space. The streaming platform has the biggest audience and is the go-to option for most streamers. One of the major appeals of Twitch is the plethora of emotes available. Users can pick from a wide variety of emotes or get them custom-made. That said, BetterTTV emotes are the most popular ones out there and can be seen on almost every streamers’ channel. Here is a brief guide explaining how to enable BetterTTV emotes on Twitch.

How to setup BetterTTV emotes

Image via BetterTTV

BetterTTV emotes, also known as the moving emotes, is a third-party extension that allows users to use additional emotes on Twitch.

To enable BetterTTV emotes, head over to the BetterTTV website and download the extension for your browser. Once the extension is added to the browser, head back to the website and select the ‘Emotes’ option. You’ll come across three options being Top Emotes, Shared Emotes, and Global Emotes. From here, you can pick the emotes you’ll like to use on Twitch by simply clicking on the emote.

Once done, open your Twitch account and open the chat settings by clicking on the wheel button on the bottom right corner, followed by opening BetterTTV settings. Here, make sure the toggle is on for BetterTTV Emotes, BetterTTV GIF Emotes, Emote Menu, and FrankerFacez Emotes options. You will now have access to BetterTTV emotes on your Twitch.