How to enhance your Heroic Dash – Fire it Up! quest – Immortals Fenyx Rising: The Lost Gods


For the Fire It Up! quest in Immortals Fenyx Rising: The Lost Gods, players will need to discover a method of enhancing their Dash ability so that they can use it in the air.

To do this, they will actually need to complete a very different mission called Ghost of the Extinguished Flame. This quest can be found right beside the area where players will speak with Athena and is marked by a ghost with an exclamation mark above his head. Interact with the ghost to get the Ghost of the Extinguished Flame, then make sure you track it in the journal.

A waypoint will appear to the northeast, and you will need to head for a small village that can be found there. In the north of the village, you will find a Minotaur that you need to fight and kill. After that, three more points will be marked on the map that you need to clear of all enemies before the quest will be completed.

From the Minotaur, you will get a resource called a Minotaur Horn, and this is what allows you to enhance your Dash. Open the menu and then go to the Heroic Abilities section and click on Heroic Dash. The second upgrade slot, called “Hades’s Enchantment” will allow you to insert a yellow Essence of Air into the slot, and will then allow you to use the ability in mid-air.

Once this is done, you can double jump across the large gap between both platforms, then Heroic Dash to get all the way over, landing safely on the other side.