How to equip equipment in MLB The Show 21

These cards will come in handy.

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The inclusion of Loadouts for created ballplayers in MLB The Show 21 is an entirely new way to handle the growth and customization of your ballplayer for Road to the Show and Diamond Dynasty. While perks and archetype utilization will take a lot of your attention, do not neglect the use of equipment slots. Here is how to manage those sections and get the most out of them.

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Equipment slots are unlocked by opening card packs in Diamond Dynasty mode. There are specific packs that will allow you to choose from a collection of equipment slots and add them to your inventory. You can also acquire them through the marketplace by buying them for stubs from other players.

To look at your equipment selection, you need to access Loadouts in the My Ballplayer section by either clicking on your profile icon in the top left of the main menu or in Road to the Show. You will see your player with a bunch of icons all around his body showing the different slots for equipment to the right. Click on each icon to see what you have in your inventory.

Equipment, like ballplayers and other cards earned in packs, will have various rarity properties to them. You can have anything from silver to diamond rarity, with the latter being the more impactful on your player. When looking at each equipment slot, be sure to consider the various performance boosts they give at the bottom of the page.

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Each equipment slot that you equip will have your player using that when viable in the game. This means that you will not always get the benefits of all equipment. For example, shin guards will not be worn outside of batting situations, so you do not get the durability boosts away from there. Regardless, it is essential to routinely check in and create loadouts with equipment pieces to help your player stay on the field and perform better.