How to escape from the Dungeon in Resident Evil Village Maiden

Crawl to freedom.

For the opening of the Resident Evil Village Maiden demo, you will need to escape a dungeon. It is dark, spooky, filled with horrors, and neither of us really want to be here, so let’s get the hell out, shall we?

The first thing you need to do is examine the cell you are stuck in. Hidden in the back wall, you will find a note that you can take out and read. Interact with the note to grab it, then hit Triangle to open your Inventory and read it. It will give you some cryptic help, but will set you on the right path.

After reading the note, crouch down low and look at the side walls to find a hole you can crawl through into the next cell. The door in this cell is unlocked and will give us access to a dark corridor filled with doors to other cells. Some will be open, and others will be chained shut.

You can check any open cell that you like, and will find assorted terrible sights, torture implements, buckets of blood, wrapped up corpses, and a few things you may wish you hadn’t seen at all.

One of the cells on the right will contain a woman’s body, and a note in blood begging for help. Go all the way to the end of the main corridor and you will find a door, a locked box, and a whole lot of horrible noises that might make you jump. Nothing can get you, but it’s still creepy as hell. You will need to find a key for the box, so inspect it and you will hear some noise coming from behind you.

Head back to the cell that had the woman in it and you will discover that she has toppled over, revealed a bolt cutter that appears to have been used to sever her spine. Grab it and you now have the means to open those other cells. Down the corridor a little you will be able to open a cell that contains buckets of blood. Interact with it to find a lockpick. Remember, the note said we would find what we needed soaked in blood.

Go back to the locked box and open it, then pull the lever to open the main door. This leads to a very ornate room, darkly lit and filled with more subtle horrors. On the left side, you will find two small doors that can be opened, leading to a broken wall. Crouch and crawl through it to reach a wine cellar. It is small and appears to be a dead-end, but stay low and check the far end of it, on the right. You will see a small block in the wall with a smear of blood on it.

Press it and a door will open, leading to a small room with a table and another note. Read this, then climb the ladder to escape this cursed dungeon.