How to escape Huggy Wuggy in Poppy Playtime

Run as fast as you can.

Image via MOB Games

In Poppy Playtime, you’re exploring the abandoned Playtime Co. factory. While exploring, you get the sense that something’s wrong. This couldn’t be more evident when the giant Huggy Wuggy, who was standing in the middle of the lobby, disappears.

Towards the end of the game, after you’ve completed making a toy, you’re prompted to safely exit the facility. However, that is until Huggy Wuggy steps through the door, ready to catch you. The toy is fast and one wrong move could lead you to a game over.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Quickly, turn around and head towards the conveyor belts. There’s an entrance you’ll be able to go through. Just keep heading straight until you reach a crossroad, straight or right. Huggy Wuggy will come down from the straight path so take the right path.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Sprint down the right path until you’re inevitably stopped by a conveyor belt you can’t climb. Head to your left and you’ll drop down into a hole, taking you further into the factory. Keep going down this path until you’re blocked by broken machinery. Take a quick right and keep heading straight until you have a little entryway on your left. You’ll have to crouch in order to get through.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Now, keep running down this way until a door comes down, blocking your only escape path. Don’t worry, the door will eventually lift back up but when it does, sprint! It’s a straight way until you’re blocked by a bunch of cardboard boxes. Turn around and look up and you’ll see a block with colored hands on it. Use both of your Grabpack hands and then quickly release. This will cause the box to drop onto the catwalk, breaking it, taking Huggy Wuggy down with it.