How to evolve Inkay into Malamar in Pokémon Go

You’ll flip when you learn what you need to do to evolve Inkay.

Pokémon Go Season of Mischief

Image via Niantic

Inkay is a unique Pokémon, and that won’t be changing in Pokémon Go. When it comes to this Pokémon’s evolution, you’re going to need to make sure you meet a specific requirement, which will be widely different from nearly every other Pokémon before it. This guide breakdown what you need to do to evolve Inkay into Malamar in Pokémon Go.

You’ll want to make sure you meet the 50 Inkay candy requirement before you attempt to evolve Inkay. Without those 50 candies, nothing is going to happen. You can earn those candies by capturing multiple Inkay, giving it rare candy, or walking it to unlock more.

Once you have enough Inkay candy, the next step is to flip your phone upside while Pokémon Go is activated. You may have to turn on the automatic screen flip in your personalized settings for your phone before you can do this. With your Pokémon Go application flipped upside down, you can now evolve Inkay.

The only way to evolve Inkay is to do it while your phone is flipped upside down. If it’s not, you’ll be prohibited from evolving it into Malamar. The animation for evolving Inkay should look the same, and you can likely flip your phone back to normal when it’s evolving to check out your well-earned Malamar.